after they are gonewhen heaven calls a loved one home, what about us?

I will speak words to your mind

~ January 30, 2016 ~

President Russell M Nelson’s daughter Wendy Nelson Maxfield passed away on January 11, 2019 at the age of 67.

At her funeral service, to her children and grandchildren President Nelson said:

She can minister to you in what I call “parenting through the veil”.  She can see us more clearly through the veil than we see her.  We cannot forget her.  We do not cease to love her.  We are sealed to her by eternal ties.  She loves us now more than ever.  Her desire for our well being will be greater than that which we feel for ourselves.  So dear family, stay tuned.

Katie and her FamilyIn the previous post I shared  Katies experience with her mother after President Butler gave her a blessing.  When Katie asked her mother how she would feel her, Katie was told  by her mother;  “I am a spirit, and I will enter your spirit and will speak words to your mind.” .

Below is an audio clip (4:29) from Katie’s talk recounting this experience at her mothers funeral on Saturday, August 30, 2014.

In Chapter 15 of “The Message” page 112 and 113, Lance observes his grandfather deliver a message to Lance’s dad. “I watched my grandfather walk up to my dad and lean to his ear and say, “Mel, you need to give Lance a blessing today and you have to catch an airplane in twenty minutes”. “I watched as my father suddenly reacted with a start, and looked at his watch.” “Oh boy, he exclaimed I forgot, I am supposed to be catching an airplane in twenty minutes”. …What I had witnessed was a most amazing thing. My father had clearly heard my grandfather’s promptings and instantly reacted. He had not known his father was speaking to him, nor even that the inspiration came from God. But it had.”

Tom Heal, a close friend from the Dallas days who now lives in Provo, told me a few days after Lorna’s funeral; “Lorna came to me a few days before her funeral.” The feeling he had from her was that she was in a state of subdued excitement. In his mind he heard “that for her, it was like being in more than one place at a time.” It seemed to him as though she was going from one friend or loved one to another to see who could hear her. Some time after Tom related this experience to me she returned to Tom. His sense was that she was pleased that he had shared his experience with me.

The prayer of my heart from day one is that as a family, we would have “ears to hear, hearts to feel, and minds to know.”

Lorna has not only spoken words to my mind—frankly, they just seem like normal everyday thoughts—the evidence it was her usually comes after the fact. She has also used music and the lyrics of songs as a means of comfort, and communication of her thoughts and feelings. Especially of her love, support and continued presence.

Page 74 in “The Message” …music is a powerful conductor of the spirit…quite often, when you are moved to tears, it is because the Spirit is intensely present.

A number of my “love notes” have come through songs, often that I’m hearing in my mind as I wake up. I have awakened with about twelve tunes on my mind, a few hymns and other songs/tunes from our generation. A few weeks after the funeral, as I was sitting in Sacrament Meeting with Scott and his family, the hymn chosen for the Sacrament was “I Stand all Amazed”. As the song started tears started flowing. I felt Lorna’s presence as she bore her Witness to me of the Savior through that Song.

In addition to hearing her in my mind, and through songs. A movie and book were also used to bring peace and assurance to me of something I had come to believe.

And, of course loved ones and friends will be used as messengers.

From Cory Jensen a good friend:

Several years ago while riding up the Alpine Loop on my bicycle on a summer morning, a silver SUV passed me with a GIDDYUP license plate on the back. Sure enough when I rounded the corner by Timpooneke, there were Lorna and Katie taking some wedding photos by the brook and the tall pines in the early morning light. I hollered a hello as I rode past.

October 7, 2015 found me riding up the canyon again, this time on a sunny warm fall afternoon. As I approached the same spot, my thoughts drifted to Lorna. At that moment, suddenly, I felt a connection to her. Not that she was present but more that she was aware of my thoughts right then (almost like picking up the phone and calling someone). In my mind, I thanked her for her influence in my life and for the many things she had done for me over the years. In response came, “Keep an eye on Craig. Tell him that I love him.” With that she was gone.

From Elder Richard G. Scott at a BYU Devotional in 2010

“Please pardon me for speaking of my precious wife Jeanene. But we are an eternal family. Although she is on the other side of the veil, that love and appreciation for each other continues to grow and mature. I’m confident that when, in our future I see her again beyond the veil, we will recognize we are more deeply in love. We will appreciate each other even more having spent this time separated by the veil. We will have grown closer together through the loving kindness of the Lord.””

The last 17 months have been a love story for me as we “have grown closer together through the loving kindness of the Lord”.

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